Enterprise Architecture Management Consulting

In addition to portals listed under Small Business Section, the following are some of the cloud projects.


  • Records Digitization and Management: Analytical support services, Applications processing, Document scanning,
    Electronic/physical records management, Large volume case-file processing, Storing and shipping of documents
  • Development of Modernized Shared Services following Investment Strategy and OCIO Shared Services Catalogue
  • Integration of CMS and Salesforce through the Middle Tier for three Agencies
  • Use of Cloud PaaS/SaaS for Modernization of 26 applications for 15 divisions including the Assistant Secretary Office and Regulatory Control Department.
  • Feasibility Study, Comparison and Evaluation for Microsoft, IBM and Oracle Platforms for managing projects and programs.
  • Use of SharePoint 2013 Workflows for Application Modernization, Systems Integration and Security.
  • Shared Services Requirements, Challenges and Solution Approach


The solutions lower the total cost of ownership, provided a new way for managing the business and improved the business and IT processes without impacting Operations.