Client Support and Advisory Role

A-Soft's experienced management consultants, business analysts and technical analysts play an advisory role and review with the client stakeholders and executive management the current needs. The sought solution could be in response to:.

  • Audit report which has identified organizational and technical risks
  • Formulating a business strategy and derivation of strategic drivers
  • Alignment of:
    • Goals and objectives with mission
    • Investment initiatives and strategy
    • Business processes and operations
    • IT and business
  • Security breaches and lack of proper security framework
  • Enterprise modernization and operations performance enhancement
  • Identified issues and pain-points whether related to business, technology or project management


The team assesses:

  • Organization's key business enablers
  • Expected targets and strategic roadmap
  • Business, technology and management constraints
  • Processes and performance
  • Human resources and organization capabilities
  • Current environment, infrastructure (software, hardware, network, data etc.) and IT landscape
  • Data, policies, procedures, governance and other key factors.


The team refines the data collected, determines the hot spots and compares them with industry metrics, benchmarks and like companies and submits the As-is Report. The team may prepare other reports and snapshots for discussion with the client management team to cover, e.g.:

  • Take advantage of next-generation enterprise application technologies and methodologies so that the SB adjusts to new and changing business requirements within the operating environment. 
  • Recommend enhancement, replacement, or consolidation of existing applications and/or infrastructure in response to changes in technology or business and industry guidelines.
  • Support future IT requirements for converged technologies, IP-based desktop video/audio conferencing, electronic collaboration, data mining, reporting and analytics.

Integration and Transformation Task (Business/Process/Objectives/IT)

  • Alignment of Business/IT
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Modernization of Legacy Applications
  • Roles Engineering
  • IT Modernization
  • Program Management
  • Process Analytics and Reporting
  • Performance Improvement
  • IT Architecture
  • SE Methodology/Services
  • Software Engineering Services
  • Agile Methodology
  • Tools and SDLC